When To Plant Lavender For Happier And Healthier Plants Guaranteed!

You may be surprised to learn that the best times to plant lavender seeds are the cooler months. Knowing when to plant lavender correctly gives these fragrant herbs the best start, as this guide explains

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Knowing when to plant lavender, both as seeds and as plants, is key to longevity. With so many positive attributes, it’s easy to understand why gardeners become interested in growing lavender in their backyards and gardens. Lavender has long been praised for its usefulness in the herb garden. Planted traditionally for its ability to calm and soothe, lavender buds are also popular when used culinarily.

Lavender flowers add further appeal around the home through crafting ideas like scented sachets, wreaths and floral arrangements. Learning more about lavender seeds and what they require for growth can help improve healthy and fragrant lavender plantings. Here we show you how to master the timings for better lavender health, beauty and fragrance.

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When to Plant Lavender Seeds

While many types of flower seed germinate readily, lavender germination time is known to be quite long. It is not uncommon for this process to take up to a month or more. So knowing when to plant lavender seeds involves an element of working backwards from an anticipated germination point.

As a seasoned grower, I suggest growing lavender plants from seeds indoors or using other germination methods rather than sowing them directly into the garden. If you do choose to start the seeds indoors, do so in late winter to allow for ample germination time and a long establishment period before moving the new seedlings to the garden. The lavender type will be a contributing factor to when you plant. When it comes to growing English lavender, when to plant may be debatable, as some gardeners prefer sowing seed later in the year.

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Can You Plant Lavender in the Fall?

Lavender can definitely be planted in the fall. However, there are a few special considerations to note. If you want to start lavender in the fall, begin the process around eight-10 weeks before the arrival of the first average frost date. This will allow time for the seeds to germinate and put on new growth before being moved into the garden. If you live in a region with milder winter weather, you have more flexibility within this timeline.

In general, the best time to move lavender outside is when temperatures are still cool. During this period, the seedlings will continue to establish new roots. This is essential to ensure that they can withstand conditions in the garden during their first year of growth. You may decide to sow your seedlings in winter. This method is good for making use of recycled materials to create miniature outdoor greenhouses. Winter sowing is often the best option for beginner gardeners or those who lack experience in starting seeds indoors.

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Transplanting Lavender Seedlings

Before moving your lavender seedlings outdoors, they need to be properly hardened off to avoid added stress or complete loss of the plants. This needs to be factored in when you are deciding the best time to transplant lavender – either into the ground or a larger container outdoors.

As a general rule, you can move a lavender plant any time between early spring and early summer. Along with knowing when to plant lavender, the choice of planting material can influence growth and fragrance. Lavender planting beds should drain well. We recommend planting sites with sandier soil. Ample sun throughout the day is also imperative for the production of high-quality flowers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Lavender Take To Grow?

Though some varieties of lavender are known to grow much more quickly than others, it’s not likely that growers will see flowers in the first season after sowing seed. On average, it takes approximately three years before the plants can mature and start to produce flowers dependably.

How Long Does Lavender Live For?

Though they are perennials, lavender plants are relatively short-lived. On average, you can expect mature lavender to maintain good health for an average of 10 years.

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