Explore Our Complete Guide To Growing Vegetables

Our complete guide to vegetable gardening is the perfect instructional tool for those new to growing veggies and a great refresher for master gardeners.

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Let’s First Decide Which Vegetables You Want to Grow

Growing your own vegetables can be incredibly rewarding and surprisingly easy. So, to help you start on your veggie journey, we created this easy to follow guide.

While picking and choosing which vegetables you want to grow is entirely up to you, you may want to start by learning which zone you're in. If you already know your zone, then let's jump into learning a bit more about the veggies you’re considering.

Choose from some of the most commonly grown plants listed below to learn more. Simply click on any of the images below, or keep scrolling to pick up some advanced know how.

Looking for More Vegetable Options?

Those are only some of the most popular vegetables that Gardening Know How users are growing. They certainly aren't the only vegetables that you can grow! In fact, a recent study by Biodiversity International identified 1,097 different vegetable species cultivated worldwide. It's safe to say you have a lot of possibilities.

To discover more vegetables and learn more about specific veggies you're interested in, visit our vegetable page.

Get Ahead of Any Potential Problems

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For the most part, vegetable gardening is easy. A beginner can have just as much success as a master gardener, and both will likely face the same problems. The truth is, just because it’s easy doesn’t mean that those problems won’t come up. Even the most advanced gardeners have been known to deal with unexpected issues.

Regardless of your skill level, two of the most common problems when growing veggies are pests and disease. Learn more about both below.

Speaking of diseases, the most popular veggie to grow also has some of the most common diseases. Below is a video from our wildly popular Gardening Know How YouTube channel on the 10 most common tomato diseases.

Now Let’s Go Beyond the Basics

Plants, just like us humans, thrive when they’re most comfortable. Depending on things like your needs, your space, and your environment, here are a few gardening concepts to consider when growing a vegetable garden.

Click any of the images below to dig a little deeper.

Want to Start Veggies From Seed?

Some gardeners love starting vegetables, especially tomatoes, from seed. If that's the path you're heading down, we suggest exploring some of the many seed-starting resources Garden Know How offers. From our free workshop, our easy-to-follow guides, and dozens of articles, we're here to help you start all your favorite foods from seed with the greatest of ease.

The Gardening Know Vegetable Gardening Book!

A book cover on a green background. The cover reads: "Gardening Know How - The Complete Guide to Vegetable Gardening: Create, Cultivate, and Care For Your Perfect Edible Garden."

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Did you know that we also have a 244-page book on just vegetable gardening? It's true! In January of 2024 we published our second book, focusing entirely on growing vegetables from seed to harvest.

Here are just a handful of the things you can find inside our latest release, The Complete Guide to Vegetable Gardening:

  • Seed starting and transplanting information
  • Unique growing tips for each vegetable crop
  • Soil-building expertise from the pros
  • Budget-friendly garden design ideas and inspiration
  • Know-how on filling raised beds and containers
  • Tips for companion planting
  • Guidance on feeding, watering, and mulching your veggie plants
  • Harvesting advice for dozens of different vegetables

Pick up your copy today!

The Complete Guide to Vegetable Gardening makes an excellent companion book to our first release, Ultimate Gardening, which can be purchased online at AmazonBarnes and NobleBooks-a-MillionWalmart, and Indigo.